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Exciting news!

We're working on designing a new RuffArmor seat cover. And because you read this blog, I'd love your help.

My goal is to create the toughest dog-proof seat cover ever for your vehicle.

Part of that process is figuring out what's working... and what's not.

So I can take that feedback and make a better, stronger, (more awesome) seat cover. A seat cover that you help create because I'll be taking your feedback and using it to design this new seat cover. 

Finally, you get a say in crafting a seat cover that you'd like to use in your vehicle.  It'll join you and your dog in all your adventures. No matter how crazy dirty you get. 

And I'm all ears.

Would you please take 3 minutes and fill out this quick survey?

Thank you so much. Can't wait to read your responses!


5 things I'm most grateful for (Happy Thanksgiving!)

Hi there!

Wow, can you believe it's almost 2016? This year has flown by. 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share with you what I'm grateful for.

1. You. Thank you for signing up to be a part of this newsletter and wanting to hear from RuffArmor. And welcome to all the new members! 

Thanks for supporting RuffArmor. Without you, we (and this business) wouldn't be here. 

2. My two dogs, Indiana and Riley. They're one of the reasons that RuffArmor was born. Because they love mud and car rides and other boy-dog things (that usually involve them getting dirty). 

But more than that, I'm thankful for how much they enrich my life. My house feels like a home with them around. I'm thankful for their loyalty, love, and unwavering devotion.

3. Long road trips. This summer my husband, two dogs and I drove 4200 miles from Colorado through Montana to Oregon and down the coast of California. Along the way, our jaws dropped at the incredibly dramatic Oregon coast and the pristine beaches of North California. 

I'm thankful this trip happened and we could take our two dogs with us. Watching their reaction to Las Vegas Bellagio's musical fountains was priceless. 

(Indy: turned his back on the fountains and people-watched. Riley: stuck his nose through the balcony to better get an eye on this crazy water.)

4. My health. Taking a walk with Indy and Riley is part of my daily routine. And it's been that way for years. When time for our walk comes, Riley seeks me out to give me a strong nose-shove. 

It's his reminder to enjoy this day. I'm thankful for my good health that lets me take a walk with my two 60-lb plus dogs (and make it home in one piece). 

5. Room for improvement. I'm thankful that I get the chance to improve and learn from my initial attempts to do something. 

It's a process to get things right. To make things better. To seek out new methods of doing what you've already done. 

I'm grateful that the opportunity to always improve is there. 

(We'll be doing this at RuffArmor as we make a new seat cover in the coming months.  And you'll get to share your ideas and suggestions to help create an awesome new seat cover... and help us improve on our original design.)

Now I want to hear from you. What are you thankful for this holiday season? 

Happy Thanksgiving!


A book that'll make you appreciate your dog (even more)


Think it's hard to love your dog even more? 

So did I. Until I read Top Dog: The Story of Marine Hero Lucca by Maria Goodavage. 

A true story about a German Shepherd-Belgian Malinois mix trained to sniff out IEDs. She is trained by her handler, Chris Willingham. And sent on two deployments into war. 

She's a dog who steps lightly and saves the lives of hundreds of soldiers -- just because of her nose. 

Military dogs are not new. They were used in Vietnam and much farther back. Have you ever heard of the Molossus dogs of war the Romans used? Yes, dogs have long fought by the side of men in battle. 

But the war in Afghanistan and Iraq took military dogs to a new level. A level where delicacy and precision were vital. One misstep or anxiety-riddled dog would jeopardize the entire mission. 

Not Lucca. She's a Marine. She's a fighter.

And she'll make you fall in love with her. I know I did. And sure, I'm a sap when it comes to the end of a good dog book (Where the Red Fern Grows reduced me to a puddle of tears at the end). But this book made me cry at the moments when you least expected it.

If you're looking for a good, true book to read this summer and want to fully appreciate the men and dogs serving our country right now, read this book.

You won't regret it. (And you'll give your dog a big hug for always having your side.)

What are your favorite dog books to read?

1 year anniversary: special celebration flash sale

1 year anniversary: special celebration flash sale

It's been a year since RuffArmor was officially born into the grand world of business with its mission of protecting weak seats everywhere. One year into this journey is the perfect chance to pause and take stock of how RuffArmor Dragonskin is holding up to its promise of being the toughest seat covers for your dog (and celebrate with a flash sale!). 

It's been a little while (plus announcement of new seat covers!)


Last night I realized it's been a super-long while since I last updated this blog. I'm sorry!

It's been busy these last few months. In our house, there's been a lot of change. My husband and I decided to sell our house and buy a new one (with a garage and yard for puppies!). It was our first time selling a house, so the learning curve was steep.

Now we're settled in a gorgeous house on a corner lot backyard that the dogs chase rabbits from every morning. A short walk away, a dirt-lined walking path winds between houses, culminating in a wetland reservoir.

But I've been working on something new for RuffArmor.

An announcement

Months ago, I was planning and sewing a prototype of a new dog seat cover.

For the past five months, I've tested it on my car's backseat. To date, it's been through heavy snow storms, sloppy rainy days, long road trips, and muddy paws. It's survived dogs leaping into the backseat multiple times, clinging on around corners, and curling up for quick dog naps.

I've been polishing the seat cover, working the kinks out. I've taken your input and feedback from Dragonskin seat covers and worked it in. I'm really psyched about how these new seat covers are coming along!

This new dog seat cover is going to be awesome. Already it's keeping my seats super-clean from dirty snow, ice-balls between dog toes, muddy spring walks.

But the seat cover can be better.

It can have a smoother fit across your seats without any wrinkles to eliminate any tripping hazards. It can be tougher so your dog can totally enjoy his adventures. This seat cover can be extremely easy to install, and still have the best no-budge fit so you don't ever have to adjust. Really.

That's what I'm aiming for: the best darn dog seat cover you could've dreamed up.

Sounds incredible, right?

I'm not quite ready to show you pictures or dish about the nitty-gritty details.

For now, let me just say: it's a tough one-piece designed for super easy install, but still with RuffArmor's no-budge fit. And this one will be 100% made in USA.

Soon, I promise, you'll see pictures and get more details.

In the meantime, I've got some great posts planned for this year, including one looking back on 2014 and what's planned for 2015, and one on RuffArmor's first birthday with something special planned to celebrate.

Happy Thanksgiving! And 15% off!

Hi there,

Happy Thanksgiving weekend -- hope you stuffed yourself silly, counted up all your blessings (I gave my furry ones belly-rubs), and had fantastic holiday.

Until the end of today, Monday, December 1, RuffArmor's tough seat covers are on sale for 15% off. Click this link to get your set: 

To get the discount, use the code "ruffarmorbf15" on the check-out page. (We only do this once a year and now is the time.) As always, you get free shipping.

But one last thing, before you go. I want to say: thank you.



Why my rescue dog is more loyal and loving

My second dog loves me more than my first dog.

Before we go further, let me explain. This doesn't mean my first dog doesn't love me. Or he's incapable of love. Or that he doesn't love me with all his doggy heart.

I know both my dogs love me.

But my second dog -- the one we rescued from an over-crowded kill shelter in Mississippi -- loves me deeper because me knows how drastically we changed his life.

Want to vacuum your seat covers while they're still installed?

A top question of dog owners is: how easy is it to clean fur off auto seat covers? Or does the fur stick to my seat protection?

Dog fur is a pain.

Especially when you have a very fluffy dog. (I'm looking at you, golden retrievers and huskies!)

Fur twists and wraps into your seats. It integrates itself into your life and your clothes. And then, it takes forever to painstakingly vacuum out each piece of stupid, little fur from your car's seats.

Announcement: RuffArmor is on Instagram!

RuffArmor is now on Instagram!

Click here to follow us and get insider looks at new developing products, awesome hikes, inventive ways to use your seat covers, and dogs having fun.

Lots of doggy smiles will be featured. Consider yourself to be warned. If you get overwhelmed with cuteness and huge grins, well, I can't help you there.

We'd love to hear from you! We made these seat covers for you. We want to hear from you (in picture form!) about how you're using RuffArmor's dog seat covers. And we want to see your dogs romping in mud. Seriously -- the mudder or dirtier the better.

Send us a picture of your seat covers in use or your dogs having fun and your picture might get featured!

P.S. Don't forget to shop our Father's Day sale! It ends Saturday night at midnight. Use coupon code "daddysday2014" at checkout for $15 off! Click here to shop now.

$15 off RuffArmor Dragonskin for Father's Day!

My dad used to take me sailing.

Couple times during the summer, he'd sidle up, give me that look, and say, "Take the boat out this weekend?"

He had an older 470 sailboat. Once upon a time, it had racing pedigree. Now it captured the wind and zipped us across the gigantic reservoir an hour's drive away. We tried to time our sailing adventures with the weather. When your motor is nature's wind, you need that extra horse power.

Those were the good days. The days when you could see the water darken with wind. You knew that speed was lurking ahead. You just had to get to that particular dark spot.

The Zen of Military Fabric: 5 Ways It Could Change Your Life

Have you ever installed auto seat covers that rip exactly two months after you install them? Or you believed your covers were waterproof only to let your soaking dog in and find out otherwise?

That's happened to me lots of times.

And it's all due to one critical part of your auto seat covers: the fabric. Most auto seat covers are made from polyester, nylon, or cotton.

Why? It's cheaper. And -- as bad as this sounds -- it degrades faster, meaning you'll be a repeat customer in a few short months when your covers rip.

An Introduction to Military Fabric, Furry Beasts and Ms. QC

Welcome to RuffArmor!

We're happy to see you here! We specialize in crafting high quality, water-resistant, dog auto seat covers for you. Our covers are designed to withstand years of abuse, miles of hikes and road trips, and never quit.

But who are we? And what's our secret to tough seat covers?

Let's begin with introductions all around...

Laura... lover of books, road trips, puppies.

A few years back, she picked out a golden fur ball who loved water and walks. A sun-dappled road never fails to inspire her road trip lust. She answers the call of the Colorado mountains every summer weekend, but especially favors midnight hikes while grizzly bears prowl nearby. But only if she can raise her nose from her most-recent read.

Indiana... the Golden Fur Ball who started it all.

He has the amazing ability to mop up everything in his path: sticks, mud, carcasses, grease from trees (believe it!), any drop of moisture. The loves of his life are secret naps on the bed, fresh snow, dirt-soaked tennis balls. He's always game for a good car ride, especially with the window open and fresh breeze tangling his ears.

He's the glue that holds the team together. With a master's degree in Ultimate Lollygagging, he's usually found loping behind the pack. He handles all aspects of water-resistance testing for RuffArmor. His yearly resolution is to soak through to the underlying seat and ruin it. Just once.

Riley... aka the Man in a Tux.

Born with an innate sense of timing and routine, he's the schedule-keeper. Never one to get distracted, he will forage every bush, dark cave or dusty crawl space with the fearlessness of a born solider.

His claws grow at the speed of light. In a fight with The Predator, he'd rip that crazy alien stem to stern. A day is not complete without a good walk.

Risk his wrath if you walk in front of his house, break an unwritten rule, or side with The Cat in an argument. In charge of testing the durability of every cover, his ultimate goal is to someday rip that damn fabric.

He's even tried puking on 'em, but they didn't break.

Stella... aka Quality Control Feline.

Queen of the house, her iron paws rule aspects of the house from when breakfast is served daily to what strange dogs are allowed entry into her kingdom.

She manages the bed and couch from floating away every day. But during her (few) work hours, she dutifully inspects each section of paracord and webbing to ensure its integrity, strength, and correct length. No piece of RuffArmor escapes her clever eye. Indeed, she oversees every photo shoot.

While home alone, she dances in the basement to Lady Gaga and recovers, gasping in pools of sunshine.

Mr. Cordura... aka The Military Fabric.

Heads up, this is the secret sauce.

1000 Deniver Invista Cordura. Made to last years and grow better with age like the best version of Harrison Ford.

Typically used in our military's gear, this is The Bad Boy of material. Rip-proof. Slays water. Guards against any unexpected attack.

We paired it with a vinyl liner on the lower bench seat for superior water resistance. Nobody else protects your auto seats like this no-nonsense pair. They love nothing better than a 14'er hike ending in a cold lake swim on a hot summer day. Then drive home, still damp, with windows open and music blasting.