How to Walk Two Dogs One-Handed With a Normal Leash.

You've got two dogs and two hands. Walking them should be easy. One dog per hand, right?

But it doesn't always seem to work that way.

What if you need to use one hand during the walk? Say, you want to chat on the phone and walk. Or your dog just pooped and you've got a full doggy bag. Or you picked up your mail.

How do you walk your dogs then?

Sure, there's plenty of leashes specially designed for this problem. But don't rush out and buy one just yet. The solution is simpler than that.

And you already have everything you need.


  • 2 regular dog leashes
  • 1 hand
  • the ability to hold two things at once in one hand


What you're going to do is learn how to hold and control two leashes in one hand. Here's how:

  1. Put one leash between your pointer finger and thumb. This is one dog's leash.
  2. Put the second leash between your middle and pointer fingers. This is the second dog's leash.
  3. To control the leash, squeeze either pair of fingers.
  4. I've found it's best to put the leash of the more unruly dog between my pointer and thumb. (We've all got one dog a little more rambunctious than the other!) My hand seems to have more strength with these fingers.
  5. Be patient with yourself.

It'll take some time for your hand to adjust to this method. And your palm might be sore from gripping. But stick with it. Soon you'll be walking your furry beasts one-handed like a pro. Happy walking!