1 year anniversary: special celebration flash sale

1 year anniversary: special celebration flash sale

It's been a year since RuffArmor was officially born into the grand world of business with its mission of protecting weak seats everywhere. One year into this journey is the perfect chance to pause and take stock of how RuffArmor Dragonskin is holding up to its promise of being the toughest seat covers for your dog (and celebrate with a flash sale!). 

It's been a little while (plus announcement of new seat covers!)


Last night I realized it's been a super-long while since I last updated this blog. I'm sorry!

It's been busy these last few months. In our house, there's been a lot of change. My husband and I decided to sell our house and buy a new one (with a garage and yard for puppies!). It was our first time selling a house, so the learning curve was steep.

Now we're settled in a gorgeous house on a corner lot backyard that the dogs chase rabbits from every morning. A short walk away, a dirt-lined walking path winds between houses, culminating in a wetland reservoir.

But I've been working on something new for RuffArmor.

An announcement

Months ago, I was planning and sewing a prototype of a new dog seat cover.

For the past five months, I've tested it on my car's backseat. To date, it's been through heavy snow storms, sloppy rainy days, long road trips, and muddy paws. It's survived dogs leaping into the backseat multiple times, clinging on around corners, and curling up for quick dog naps.

I've been polishing the seat cover, working the kinks out. I've taken your input and feedback from Dragonskin seat covers and worked it in. I'm really psyched about how these new seat covers are coming along!

This new dog seat cover is going to be awesome. Already it's keeping my seats super-clean from dirty snow, ice-balls between dog toes, muddy spring walks.

But the seat cover can be better.

It can have a smoother fit across your seats without any wrinkles to eliminate any tripping hazards. It can be tougher so your dog can totally enjoy his adventures. This seat cover can be extremely easy to install, and still have the best no-budge fit so you don't ever have to adjust. Really.

That's what I'm aiming for: the best darn dog seat cover you could've dreamed up.

Sounds incredible, right?

I'm not quite ready to show you pictures or dish about the nitty-gritty details.

For now, let me just say: it's a tough one-piece designed for super easy install, but still with RuffArmor's no-budge fit. And this one will be 100% made in USA.

Soon, I promise, you'll see pictures and get more details.

In the meantime, I've got some great posts planned for this year, including one looking back on 2014 and what's planned for 2015, and one on RuffArmor's first birthday with something special planned to celebrate.