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75x more rugged, rip-proof dog seat protection.

That actually stays in place.


Uncommonly tough seat covers. Long-lasting protection for your new car against your play-hard dog.


No other dog seat covers are more tough, durable or sustainable than RuffArmor's seat covers. Each set comes with our lifetime toughness guarantee. And they're made in the USA from highly water-resistant, 1000 denier Cordura fabric.

Your RuffArmor seat covers are eco-friendly, too. Because they're ultra long-lasting and mighty, you don't ever have to replace them. In the long run, you use less energy and materials. And it's friendlier on your wallet.

Finally, your RuffArmor seat covers define strength. They easily block water, fit any vehicle's back seat, have double-stitched seams so they don't unravel, and always stay in place on your seats. Yes, even on leather seats.

RuffArmor seat covers -- sustainable, hardcore seat protection when                       your dog needs it most.

Nice to know someone understands the struggles of traveling with a big dog and would create such a wonderful product!
— Lindsay, RuffArmor customer
Duke was finally able to ride with us this past weekend and will be joining me at work on Wednesday — which would not have been possible without your product. Thanks again!
— Enrique, RuffArmor customer
I didn’t think I’d need the covers because my dogs are little. But they get upset bellies in the car. And the seat covers were so easy to clean up! Just wiped them down and good to go. Love, love, love the covers!
— Linda, RuffArmor customer
The seat covers are awesome — I love them! I should’ve bought them a long, long time ago. My mom picked me and my boyfriend up at the airport, and she was in the backseat and was like, “where are the seat belts?” and literally reached down and grabbed one out. It’s so conducive to the backseat.
— Lydia, RuffArmor customer
Goodbye old flimsy bedsheet over my car seats. These are high quality seat covers. Definitely got serious bang for my money! Three months later, they’ve stayed on fine, even with popping the back seat up and down a lot during moving. It’s a great product!
— Mike, RuffArmor customer
Love the seat covers. My four month old German Shepherd male enjoys getting them dirty and they look great in my new Tacoma.
— Rex, RuffArmor customer

Never again tug on seat covers that don't fully cover your entire back seat.

Unlike other dog seat covers, RuffArmor focuses on the combo of your dog, car, and your peace of mind.

  • Budge-proof fit so you install your seat covers once. That's it, I swear. No more fiddling, tugging, or worrying.
  • Hardy, durable materials so your car seats always look new underneath. No matter how filthy your happy Dog is.
  • Fits any vehicle with a tight, semi-custom fit so you can easily install them in your mom's car, your husband's truck or your friend's Jeep. And you get the same budge-proof fit every time.
  • Lasts a lifetime thanks to tough construction and an impeccable attention to details. You get awesome American-made craftsmanship that simply doesn't break down.
  • 100% seat protection because RuffArmor tucks around your seat's edges. So your dog can't "dig" at the cover and flip it up. Plus, the fabric is UV-resistant so your seat covers never fade.
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Join the exclusive sector of big hounds with RuffArmor seat protection.