Want to vacuum your seat covers while they're still installed?

A top question of dog owners is: how easy is it to clean fur off auto seat covers? Or does the fur stick to my seat protection?

Dog fur is a pain.

Especially when you have a very fluffy dog. (I'm looking at you, golden retrievers and huskies!)

Fur twists and wraps into your seats. It integrates itself into your life and your clothes. And then, it takes forever to painstakingly vacuum out each piece of stupid, little fur from your car's seats.

You buy seat covers, hoping that will help. And it does for a hot minute. Until it comes to clean them and the fur has twisted into the seat covers' material.

It's beaten you again.

Wouldn't it be easier if you could just vacuum up the fur in seconds?

You can with RuffArmor seat covers.

Their fabric has a tight weave, so the fur stays on top of the fabric. In other words, it doesn't weave into the material.

It's almost like the fabric has a super power. It holds the fur on top of it, so it doesn't blow around your car when your windows are down. And it doesn't let the fur weave itself into your RuffArmor seat covers.

That means, when it comes time to clean your car, you can quickly vacuum the fur off RuffArmor. And you can hit the road sooner for an awesome weekend.

Check out this video that shows how quickly fur comes off RuffArmor's seat covers: