Dogs + adventure + durability

= our passion


We love the feeling of hitting the open road with your dog in the back seat. The promise of adventure, unknown, and promise.

We also love knowing our gear will survive anything we throw in its path. With us, you get durability over stupid pockets, weak elastic, fancy looks, or silly pigtails.

We believe in crafting hardcore, long-lasting seat covers that always stay put on your seats. No matter what.

Birthed in Colorado's mile-high mountains

In 2013, I -- Laura Lopuch -- founded RuffArmor in my spare room, sewing prototypes on my grandmom's old sewing machine. And learned how to sew in the process!

To make RuffArmor's official seat covers, I selected a New York sewing manufacturer who also creates military gear. They make heavy-duty gear that's thoughtful down to its littlest details. Exactly what I wanted.

Whenever possible, I opted for materials made in USA, and dedicated RuffArmor to making the toughest seat covers possible.

I believe we've accomplished that goal. But we can always get better, go stronger, go further.

RuffArmor is formed on the belief of simple, strong gear. So you and your dog can boldly venture into new adventures, on and off-road.

Based in the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado, RuffArmor has been protecting auto seats and granting dogs awesome road trip adventures since 2013. Connect with RuffArmor on Google+, Instagram or at our blog, The Armory.


RuffArmor's humble beginnings

Far, far away in a small galaxy a long time ago -- ok, in 2008 -- a battle began between a pup and a car.

That's when a new puppy and new car came into my life.

Indiana, my new puppy, had an uncanny ability to come back from walks completely filthy. He was a mop. Pretty quickly, my new car wasn't looking (or smelling!) very new. The fix would have been easy: install seat covers.

Problem was no available seat covers felt or looked strong enough to handle him. They felt flimsy, cheap, prone to ripping if I glanced at them funny. In fact, when I held them up to the light, I could see through them.

And don't get me started on how poorly they fit on my car's backseat. If I went too quickly around a corner (and I never. ever. ever. do that), poor Indy slid across the backseat. It was traumatizing for both of us.

Then if he got too hot -- as a fluffy golden retriever usually does in summer -- he began digging at the corner of the covers. Pretty quick, he had them flipped up and was sprawled out right on top of my car's backseat. So much for protection.

I decided to make my own hardcore, super durable seat covers that would always stay in place, required no adjustments after installation, and were easy to clean (including vacuuming). Oh yeah, and that could swap between any vehicle.

Every weekend I tested my prototypes on Colorado's mile-high mountain hikes, using my two rambunctious boy dogs as testers. They were awesome testers since they love muddy hikes, road trips, and dashing madly on trails.

And I kept refining and minimizing problems until I discovered seat covers that could actually withstand my dogs' abuse. Even better, the covers didn't budge through countless miles of road trips and winding mountain roads. And they vacuumed easily and wiped clean when Riley decided to perform the ultimate test: puking on them in a rainstorm.

With rugged durability as my goal, I spent years amplifying the toughness and minimizing weaknesses of the seat covers, so your back seat will always look new -- like mine does now. No matter how enthusiastically your dog loves his car rides.