1 year anniversary: special celebration flash sale

It's been a year since RuffArmor was officially born into the grand world of business with its mission of protecting weak seats everywhere.

Ok. That's a little much.

But it's truly been a year since RuffArmor was baptized as a business

One year into this journey is the perfect chance to pause and take stock of how RuffArmor Dragonskin is holding up to its promise of being the toughest seat covers for your dog. 

And I mean, really look at it.

For the past year and a half, the original RuffArmor Dragonskin sample has been strapped to my car's backseat. That's really why I made these covers: because I was tired of finding covers that said they were "made for dogs" but were really made for your grandma's house where her couch is covered in plastic and "ooh, Henry, be careful, and don't touch that -- it's breakable!"


What I buy has to be ready to be stomped on, played tug of war with, trampled on, licked, spread with mud, dripped water over... much like having kids I'm told. My seat covers have to be TOUGH.

My car -- a Mazda 3 -- is our road trip car. They love that car. You jingle your keys and suddenly both are at your feet, wagging, dancing in little circles.

Car ride for me? Oh please, please, please.

In summer, they jump in the backseat, slobbering after a long hike. In spring, they jump in after a muddy walk, Indiana's lower half looking like a mud monster attacked him. On hot summer days, they climb slowly in after long swims at the local reservoir, fur still dripping wet. Riley's black claws, like Predator's talons, dig into the covers as we take sharp curves spiraling up the mountains to a new hike.

A year ago, we drove the 750+ miles up to Montana, speeding through boring Wyoming's flat prairies, carving a path through mountains. Both dogs paced across the backseat when we hit the mountains, seeking pine-scented wind roaring in through open windows.

So how did Dragonskin look after a 12 months of repeated abuse by two dogs weighing 60+ lbs each?

Did the edges fray? Did the holes rip through? 

Did their claws puncture the seat cover? 

Did I have to jimmy new, inventive ways of keeping this seat cover on the seat? 

Is the poor seat cover looking battered and beaten down, and maybe I should start thinking about buying a new one, because this one really looks WORN? 

Did the flimsy elastic break? Oh wait... no elastic here, folks. Just checking to see if you're paying attention. 


See any wear? Maybe we need another picture. 

Here, check this one out. 


Do you see any holes, wear, puncture marks, abuse? These seat covers are tough. 

In honor of Dragonskin seat covers' fabled strength that minstrels sing of, and knights cross themselves before battle... in honor of its time-tested durability in intense summer adventure hikes and balls-out jumping in cool lakes...

I'm doing something I've NEVER done before. And probably will never do again.

In fact, my husband is intense-whispering to me right now, don't do this. Really, don't do this...

But I'm going to and this will never happen again. After all, how many times can you celebrate your first birthday?

That's right. Only once.

So in honor of our first anniversary, this is the only time I'll do this: 15% off RuffArmor Dragonskin seat covers.

Use the code happy1stbday when you checkout. But don't wait too long. Because there's only 8 Dragonskin seat covers left. 

(Of course, you'll still get free shipping. And a 60-day return policy. I'm good to you like that!)

So if you've thought about getting tough seat covers for your car's backseat, but haven't yet, this is your chance.

Or maybe you've already gotten RuffArmor for your backseat, but want to get a set of seat covers for your friend -- this is your chance.

You'll only have until Monday, May 11 at midnight MST to grab your seat covers as part of this special celebratory flash sale.

Here's the code again: happy1stbday

Expires Monday, May 11 at midnight MST. Click here to get your tough seat covers right now before I reconsider this rash decision. 

And don't forget, there's only 8 seat cover sets left. When they're out, they're out!

Slante to you ::raises glass:: and all you've done to support RuffArmor during its first year! You're the best!


P.S. Here's the code again: happy1stbday and click here to go right to Dragonskin seat covers.