The Zen of Military Fabric: 5 Ways It Could Change Your Life

Have you ever installed auto seat covers that rip exactly two months after you install them? Or you believed your covers were waterproof only to let your soaking dog in and find out otherwise?

That's happened to me lots of times.

And it's all due to one critical part of your auto seat covers: the fabric. Most auto seat covers are made from polyester, nylon, or cotton.

Why? It's cheaper. And -- as bad as this sounds -- it degrades faster, meaning you'll be a repeat customer in a few short months when your covers rip.

When your covers rip, your seats get dirty. When your seats get dirty, you end up spending your weekend cleaning your car instead of doing things you love. How can you fix this recurring problem?

How can you pick tough auto seat covers the first time around and save tons of money on replacement sets?

Enter Cordura. Aka the fabric the USA military uses for its gear. Aka seriously tough fabric. This is the tough fabric you need to bring a cease-fire to this cycle.

5 reasons why Cordura could change your life

1. Long-lasting durability

The strength of a fabric is measured in deniers. It's the tightness of the fabric's weave. The higher the denier, the stronger the fabric.

Most auto seat covers come in at 400 or 700 denier. Cordura clocks in at 1000 denier. That's what gives Cordura it's toughness and durability. But don't just take our word for it.

2. Wears abuse well

Simply put, this fabric was designed for heavy duty use. Typically Cordura is used for travel and duffel bags, military gear, protective cases.

And it's been tested on how it stands up to abuse. For example, the Wyzenbeek abrasion tests how different materials stand up to repeated abrasions.

Here are the results:

3. Extremely water-repellant

Most Cordura is coated on one side with a water-repellant polyurethane backing. What does that mean for you? Bring on the dirtier, muddier, wetter dogs.

4. Mildew and rot-resistant

Cordura won't rot. Won't mildew. Water is not a big deal. That's why this fabric is typically used for gear or outdoor uses like pillows or outdoor furniture covers. We thought it'd be perfect for our wet dogs, especially with the auto seat fabric underneath it.

5. Rip and tear resistant

Compared to cotton duck fabric of equal thickness, Cordura has twice the tear strength and three times the abrasion resistance. Suddenly Fido's talon-like claws are a non-issue.