Happy Thanksgiving! And 15% off!

Hi there,

Happy Thanksgiving weekend -- hope you stuffed yourself silly, counted up all your blessings (I gave my furry ones belly-rubs), and had a fantastic holiday.

Until the end of today (Monday, December 1), RuffArmor's tough seat covers are on sale for 15% off. Click this link to get your set: RuffArmor Dragonskin seat covers

To get the discount, use the code "ruffarmorbf15" on the check-out page. (We only do this once a year and now is the time.) As always, you get free shipping.

But one last thing, before you go. I want to say: thank you.

Thank you for taking a chance on RuffArmor! It's cliched, but so true: RuffArmor would not be here without you.

I'm so thankful for you! I wanted to help every dog parent with a new car finally bring their furry Co-Pilot on every car ride... without worrying about the lasting damage on their seats from claws, fur, mud. And you helped my dream come true.

So, thank YOU. This holiday we're thankful for YOU.

Hope your Monday isn't too rough today! And don't forget to take advance of our once-a-year 15% off sale on RuffArmor! Here's the link again: RuffArmor Dragonskin seat covers -- (discount code: ruffarmorbf15)


Laura Lopuch

Founder & Chief Adventurer